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Got something to add to the party? Willing to share your thoughts on evaluation ?

Bring Your Own Blog Post!

I’d like for you to consider being a guest blogger…amateurs and pros

To make this world a better place, or to create some interesting dialogue, whatever comes first

1. Tweet me:@K_Anderson_Eval

2. Find me on LinkedIn: Karen Anderson

3. Attach a “I want to do a post for On Top Of The Box Evaluation” in the post comments below

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5 thoughts on “Guest Blog

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  2. I want to do a post for On Top of the Box Evaluation…

    … but how? I look forward to getting your posts in my inbox Karen, and think to myself each time – surely, I can do something similar, but how? Would my learning be useful to others? Do I have to be creative … how does one make evaluation creative? What will be the pull for people to want to follow me? And the biggest question – how does one find the time?

    • Jennifer,

      Thanks so much for reading and subscribing! The feedback is very helpful.

      The answer to your question: YES YOU CAN do something similar and probably even better! I’m not an expert, I’ve been blogging for almost one year, most of those months my blog laid dormant, but I recently got back into it (we can talk about ways to avoid this!).

      Your website looks great and I learned a lot about the work that you do from just checking out your site. It’s great that you already have a online platform for people to visit, adding a blog should be a piece of cake and should only enhance your work!

      I don’t want to spill all the goodies here, but I have lots of ideas to help you to begin your blogging journey. I will reach out to you at the email address on your site.

      Thanks again!

  3. Karen, I like the way you think. I would love to be a guest blogger. I am not a pro but I sure would love to work on thinking on top of the box. Thanks 🙂

  4. Dear Karen,

    Hope you’re enjoying these first days of autumn. I came across your blog while researching blogs that discuss evaluation. In “An Eval World Without Qualitative Data” it was great to see you pose the question on why qualitative data can be used to benefit the world and local agencies.

    Along that vein, Ellen Schneider wrote a guest blog offering some perspective on evaluations in innovative social change. Ellen is the former executive producer of the PBS series, POV, as well as the founder the Television Race Initiative and Active Voice. She is a pioneer in using film to creatively tackle social issues.

    A link to the post is below:

    You can learn more about Active Voice here:

    If you feel the post would interest — even provoke — your readers, would you be interested in posting it on your blog?

    Please let us know if you have ideas or questions, and thanks in advance.

    Margarett Ly

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