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Predicting the Future of Evaluation: Michael Scriven Podcast Review

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Kylie Hutchinson and James Coyle for a remarkable podcast with one of the modern day fathers of evaluation, Michael Scriven. If you haven’t listened to the podcast please give it a listen! The Future of Evaluation-A Chat with Michael Scriven Paraphrased highlights: Evaluation has a transdisciplinary nature; this is … Continue reading

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Add Some Photos to That Report Por Favor {My Freelance Photography Story}

Man oh man I have I been “busy”! I had a previous post on starting a new biz: Starting a New Biz?! Motivation 🙂 and evaluation consulting isn’t…necessarily paying me these days so I decided to go with the good ‘ole plan B. Note: You should always have a Plan B, especially if you’re a consultant, freelance … Continue reading