*A recent MSW graduate, now in the “real world” trying to figure out how these things called research and evaluation are really applying to various situations, fields, stakeholders, etc.

*#iheartresearch and anything evaluation, if you haven’t already noticed

*A former GEDI…nope, not from star wars! Graduate Education Diversity Intern, sponsored by the American Evaluation Association (AEA), awesome experience!

The On Top of the Box Evaluation Blog is to be used for answering this question:

What do evaluators do, and why?


Something you should know: The information published on this blog is based solely on my opinion and interpretation and is in no way affiliated with any organization.

STILL not sure what this is all about? Picture yourself out with a friend…who happens to speak evalenese(Eval Language)…and you’re just sharing stories about the days of old, what you’re up to now, and the bright future ahead. Evaluation is only as limited as your imagination, I’ll see you on top of the box!

Photo courtesy of: http://www.worldwidewhit.com/

What are your thoughts?

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