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AaEA Holiday Celebration + 5 Roasting Tips

Just so we’re on the same page, I’m not talking about roasting a nice, delicious, ham, turkey, and/or veggies for your holiday meals. Sorry if I got your hopes up! I’m talking about sharing comedic stories about someone who is highly regarded for entertainment purposes. According to Wikipedia it’s seen by some as a “high honor” to be roasted. I don’t have any empirical data on roasting, but I can see how this would be likely.

AEA Award Recipient 

Just a couple weeks ago, Atlanta Area Evaluation Affiliate  (AaEA) Members gathered for an intimate celebration for Tom Chapel, the AEA 2013 recipient of the Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Government Evaluation Award. Colleagues from an array of nonprofits and for profits, independent consultants, CDC (staff and fellows), ICF, Batelle, IRS, and even members of Chapel’s family stopped by to celebrate!

Chapel is well known across AEA for his intro to evaluation and logic model trainings. To give you an idea of what attending one of Chapel’s sessions is like check out the post below from Chi Yan Lam at Design & Evaluation highlighting his AEA 2013 Conference reflections from attending Chapel’s Logic Models for Program Evaluation and Planning session.

I was honored to be the emcee/”roastmaster” for the event as colleagues and friends took turns sharing stories about Chapel and the mark that he has made on the field of evaluation worldwide.

In the event that you have to serve as roastmaster here are a few tips:

  1. Have fun. This should be a given. If you’re super nervous, uptight, and not enjoying yourself the crowd will pick up on it.
  2. Develop material to slip in about the “roastee” (jokes, little known facts, etc.) between roasters, practice, but don’t rely solely on your notes. You want the material to flow and seem natural.
  3. Share a few of your jokes with the honoree. This should help him/her to relax about the content, and it will keep them from spoiling your jokes! (I should have done this!)Be flexible.
  4. If you’re running a good show, more people may feel inclined to get up and share stories.  Be prepared for on the spot changes to the line up.
  5. Bring a camera. You never know when colleagues from long ago will come out of the woodwork!

Past recipients of the Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Government Award include:

1977   Howard Davis
1978   Harrison Williams
1979   Joseph Wholey
1980   Elliott Liebow
1981   Alan Campbell I
1982   Eleanor Chelimsky
1983   Harry Rogers
1984   Michael Wargo
1985   Gerald Barkdoll
1986   Barbara Searle
1987   Senator Paul Simon
1988   Alice Rivlin
1989   Christopher Wye
1990   Nancy Collins
1991   Mike Mangano
1992   Charles Windle
1993   Alan Ginsburg
1994   Charles Bowsher
1995   Jonathan Breul
1996   Richard Sonnichsen
1997   Deborah L Rugg
1998   J Christopher Mihm
2000   Gene Lyle
2001   Philip Harris
2002   Office of Smoking & Health, CDC
2003   Conrad Katzenmeyer
2005   Nancy R Kingsbury
2006   George F Grob
2008   Stephanie Shipman
2009   Michael Coplen
2011   Idaho Legislature’s Office of Performance Evaluation
2012   Katherine Dawes
2013   Thomas Chapel

See anyone you know?

Complete list of AEA Award Winners: AEA Award Recipients

If you’d like to share in congratulating Tom Chapel on his recent award please use the comments area below.



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