Stakeholder Engagement: The Evaluation Pledge

So, you’re an evaluator, right?


You haven’t heard  of the evaluation pledge?

Makes sense actually because I just came up with the idea for engaging some of the stakeholders that I work with.

Although we go into the meetings sort of like…this…

queen of the world

Sometimes our stakeholders are feeling like…well…this…


Ok, so this only works if you have a good relationship with the project stakeholders, but I’m over 70% confident that it will provide positive results.

At a minimum it will serve as a icebreaker.

The Evaluation Pledge

*Ask meeting participant(s) to repeat after you:


State your name-no repeat


Not to use the surveys as doodling paper

Not to mumble ugly things

To keep an open mind

To ask questions

To not contemplate running out of the room

To not start a flash mob in the middle of the meeting

To work together to find solutions

Thank you-no repeat

So essentially you tailor the pledge to fit your audience a bit, things you think may get them to laugh and loosen up a bit before the #evaltalk. I’m going to try it out this week, I hope you will too!

If you dare to give it a try, let me know how it goes!


4 thoughts on “Stakeholder Engagement: The Evaluation Pledge

  1. I love it! I just started a collaborative logic modeling process with a group I’m working with. This will also be the primary group from whom I collect data and share results. I think I’ll have them take the pledge! And the bonus is, they’re all teachers! 🙂 This will certainly resonate with them!

  2. Good idea, Karen…wonder why no one did this sooner–maybe this idea was used and not communicated…perhaps you would want to group all the “to” statements together and all the “not to” statements together; that way folks would know the important things together???

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