Dissing The Eval Report

How many times have you followed up with a stakeholder after talking for months about the evaluation from start to finish, including all the bells and whistles that they just had to have (and a couple you thought you’d throw in), only to find out that the report was collecting these…

Spider's Web

Ok, so I’m not really talking about dissing evaluation reports. I actually like creating new reports des


1: to spread abroad as though sowing seed <disseminate ideas>
2: to disperse throughout
*Merriam Webster
Harvest time
If you’re from the south this picture may be somewhat familiar. There’s stuff being planted in huge fields, all over the place, it’s a way of life. For ideas to grow in evaluation they need to be nurtured and cultivated after dissemination.
Check out some of the CDC’s standards on evaluation….you must disseminate…to utiiate, lol, (utilize)
cdc frameworkWhat role as an evaluator are you playing in getting your evaluation reports disseminated and used?
Is this even important to you?
If it’s not, well, your report will likely be dissed (seriously).

What are your thoughts?

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