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Dying or Thriving: The Future Of Evaluation

The AEA Annual Conference theme this year is related to the future of evaluation, #21stcentury #eval if you will.


What are your thoughts?

Nothing deep, or well thought out is necessary (;

One of the first posts I saw on this topic I found on Linked In and it drew a lot of attention.

The Future of Evaluation 10 Predictions-John Gargani

More people began to get in on the discussion…

Susan Kistler on The Future of Evaluation: 5 Predictions (building on 10 others!)

There were even some creative visuals created to predict the future…

The Future of Evaluation and What We Should Do About It-Chris Lysy

chris lysy shades

*Cartoon by Chris Lysy, you can find more on his website, I strongly encourage you to Grab a cartoon!

I’d like to continue the discussion. Thoughts? Dying? Thriving? Direction(s) we are heading in?


2 thoughts on “Dying or Thriving: The Future Of Evaluation

  1. Hey Karen,
    I admit I’ve been off the AEA radar, but I read your post and quickly reviewed the 3 perspectives. Totally in line with Susan’s perspective and thought Chris’ was very creative. However, I totally disagreed with John’s…which made me think…What fields or sectors does he work in? The future of evaluation depends on the present state…and the present state of evaluation varies according to what discipline (e.g. economics, psychology, education, etc.), and sector (e.g., government, private, nonprofit, etc.) you work within. For example, because they are assessment focused, the educational field is probably way ahead in evaluation thinking and practices than economics or the medical field. The future of evaluation for education would be much more advanced than other fields who seem to be just catching on or in which evaluation is not yet commonly accepted or practiced.

    • Great thoughts Jessica. I can just imagine being so lost at an AERA conference or just a discussion with an educator with many years in the field of evaluation. Social work is one of the new(er) kids on the block officially, but there are so many different areas, such as marketing, that use components of evaluation in their work and it blows me away. It grinds my gears, however, when there are poor representations out in the media or for public consumption, graphs and visuals that poorly represent what was intended, or without adequate explanations. As a field I think we have a long way to go to demystify the work that we do. It’s not exactly rocket science, but it does take a different way of thinking about the data we collect and the uses we find for it. I’m very grateful for our guiding principles which help to direct the work that we do. That puts us all on the same plane, in a sense.

What are your thoughts?

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