Evaluation Inspirations

My Local Affiliate Brings All the Evaluators to the Yard {MUSIC MONDAY}

You know the song by Kelis….

{Edited} lyrics:

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
And they’re like, it’s better than yours
____ right, it’s better than your’s
I could teach you but I have to charge…

You’re gonna have to use your imagination or your Google skills on this one. It’s a catchy tune, but a little vulgar so proceed with caution. The premise is all about the law of attraction. I have to say that being a Atlanta-area Evaluation Association (AaEA) member for a year, then co chairing the programs committee with the wonderful Maureen Wilce has definitely shown me that AaEA definitely knows how to “bring the evaluators to the yard!” 🙂

We had a speed dating networking event recently {my brainchild} and this week we’re having 2 events!!! 1. Intro to Social Network Analysis, 2. Georgia State University Student Day

aaea speed networking_1

aaea speed networking

photo (1)

Next month: THE Stephanie Evergreen will be gracing us with tips and tricks on #dataviz!!!

It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

So what’s your local affiliate doing to bring the evaluators to the yard?! Share in the comments below  😉



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