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Does Evaluation Ever Make You Want To Cry?

Ok, so the title may be a little misleading, so tears…yes, of sadness, not necessarily.

I know we’ve all (well I can only speak for myself) had those moments where we thought…why bother, why didn’t I become a teacher, or a doctor, or anything other than an EVALUATOR!!!!

At least the words “teacher” and “doctor” can make it through a spell-check.  Every time I try to type in “evaluator” I get a lovely squiggly underline. I digress.

Jane Davidson, from the Genuine Evaluation blog, sent me a copy of her new e-book Actionable Evaluation Basics and within the first few pages I was in tears.

Granted, it may have been something to do with the sun/moon/stars alignment, but what I felt jumping out from the e-pages of this very quick read was someone who GOT IT.

There are people who evaluate an array of things, the list could go on and on, and in many different ways, but getting at the WHY is what I feel Jane’s e- book does.

After I complete it thoroughly, I will provide a proper review, but from what I read in the first few pages clearly “actionable evaluation” rings home with me.

Thank you Jane and thank you to everyone who seeks to make evaluation actionable (and far away from collecting dust on shelves)!


Jane Davidson is offering a FREE webinar today(Thur, Dec 6th) at 3:30PM/EST

Title: Developing high-level questions to guide your whole evaluation (and make sure it doesn’t get lost in the details!)

and you can sign up by clicking —-> here

***If you’re not a fan of Amazon or you don’t have a Kindle, you can also find Jane’s book available in PDF, ePub, etc. at  Smashwords



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