Evaluation Inspirations

Hey There Evaluators, What Are You Thankful For?!

So how was your Thanksgiving?

Full of turkey, stuffing, ham, cakes, and pies?

Did you get to see old or new friends and spend time with your family?

Maybe you did something awesome like travelling out of the country ot giving back by volunteering at a shelter or a soup kitchen?

Whatever it was I hope it was great! Please feel free to share details in the comments below.

My Thanksgiving Experience

This was the 1st year I did not travel back to SC for Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful potluck dinner at work this week and on Wednesday I travelled to NYC to visit my sister. She complained about(everything), lol, but most importantly not having a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The diner we ate at was actually serving a shelter, which made me VERY thankful to have a place to live, etc.










*Creepy window shot from my sister’s apartment










*Nice shot beside the street vendors










*Japanese treats….










*Wish I could be here for the tree lighting(they’re hiding it behind the sign!)










*Me and my best friend, my sister!

It’s super cliche’ this time of the year, but always remember that beyond all the data, projects, deadlines, journals, information, infographics, qualitative data, quantitative data, twitter, blogs, and listservs, etc. which can seem to be a bit much in the #evalworld we have so much to be thankful for! I’m sure the stakeholders involved with your evaluations are very thankful for you!

I’m super thankful to have you as a reader and for those who value the messages on my blog enough to subscribe. Thank you for coming along for the ride!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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