What Can Evaluators Learn From Politics?

Yes, it was a trick question!

There are an array of issues that evaluators can and should be watchful of, but that’s not what today’s post is about. It’s about making the information being presented to stakeholders, dare I say it… sexy, or at least half way appealing so they stay awake at a minimum.

If content is king, presentation has to be queen.

Outside of your speaking skills, people want simplicity, clarity, and something to keep them engaged. If you’re going visual you’ve got to work on getting away from tired slides! I’m speaking to myself here as well.

I have a personal challenge, well a mandate, to create an infographic in the next few weeks. My hope is that new visual representations will open doors for new thought around some traditional evaluation topics.

On Top Of  The Box Goodies!

I found these awesome political infographics while doing some late night Google hunting for techie stuff and I stumbled upon Susan Kistler’s awesome aea365 post: 25 Low-cost/no-cost Tech Tools for Data Visualization and Reporting

You’re going to have to scroll a bit, but I snagged these from visual.ly

*not to be confused with the data viz/reporting tool in the post above

Colorful, engaging, relatively clear…


















Fancy, bars, charts, lines! 







































I’ve got quite a few questions about the one below…but it provides a different perspectiveInfographic by visual.ly user nreinertson










































The following link will take you a step further with the… interactive infographic

I would love for you to share your infographics with me at: ontopoftheboxeval@gmail.com

We can share them up here if you like!

What are your thoughts, would infographics help or hinder your evaluation work?



What are your thoughts?

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