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#Eval12 RECAP: Where Do I Begin???

The end is a nice place to start.

One of our wonderful leaders, Dr. Rodney Hopson, passed the torch as president of the AEA board, but not before a very moving, inspirational, photovoice presentation made from pictures submitted by members from around the world.

The champagne toast was a nice touch to keep people around as well! ūüėČ

For those of you who didn’t make it to the closing plenary¬†session you really missed out on a treat. It really helped to put the icing on the cake for the¬†Evaluation 2012¬†theme:

Evaluation in Complex Ecologies 

Relationships, Responsibilities, Relevance

Be sure to stay tuned for updates once the dynamic powerpoint slides are posted!

Could it get any better?

Yes, it did, there was an awesome cultural dance led by a Native American youth that got evaluators, young and old, from near and far, in one of the longest “soul train” type of lines you’ve probably ever seen at an AEA Conference. I know what you’re thinking…but it was FUN!

Somewhere between here…








and about here…











Check out the real deal¬†here¬†from the closing plenary! Thanks for sending a link Susan ūüôā

It was only year 3 for me, but each one keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

For those of you who were able to attend the American Evaluation Association Conference this year, did this year just feel “special”, or is it just me? What were some of your highlights?¬†


4 thoughts on “#Eval12 RECAP: Where Do I Begin???

  1. Hey Karen,
    I’m disappointed we didn’t run into each other at the conference. Next year I’m going to plan it out ahead of time. I enjoyed this year’s conference as well. In year 1 for me (last year) I felt a little out of place. Year 2 (this one) I felt more connected and made a few new friends.

  2. Hi Karen,
    I love this post! I’m glad you enjoyed the closing ceremony too. Like Chris, this was my second AEA conference. I had a great time last year, but I could also sense a different vibe in this conference. Everyone seemed genuinely excited to run into each other and enthusiastic about staying in touch online throughout the rest of the year. The Twitter vibe was also different – lots of friendly, supportive comments rather than complaints about presentations. (Could be an interesting qualitative analysis in all your spare time…)

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