DIY Evaluation

Evaluation Hangout?! {It’s Official, Google Is Taking Over}

If you follow me on Twitter and you saw my tweet late last night I was inquiring about the use of Google Hangout.

Familiar with it?

Check out this quick video

I’ve been living under a rock so I wasn’t, until I started g-chatting(Google chatting) a colleague last night and BAM! I got an invite to join her hangout. I have 3 very active Google based email addresses, so I’ve seen the little video icon, but didn’t really know what it was. I figured it was Google trying to take over as usual with something…not necessary. Little did I know, Google can detect if you have a webcam so you can quickly have a video chat (v-chat?) with a Google contact as long as the icon is there. I don’t know about you, but I love it! Also, you can add up to 9 people to the video chat if users have Google +

After I read past some of the angry comments I noticed that if you download the Google + app to your android phone(front facing camera would be ideal) you can do your video chats there. I already had the app on my phone, not sure what I did, but I ended up g-chatting a co-worker, not in my plans! I do however plan to give this thing a whirl, so if anyone is interested in testing it out, just let me know!

I think this would be another great option for having meetings, like Skype, but with the option for more people and a relatively user-friendly format.

Any ideas on evaluation uses???

More Google Hangout info here! Enjoy!


What are your thoughts?

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