Evaluation Tasks-Part 1 {Necessary Work} = Isolation?

This series will cover some of the tasks that encompass the work that we do as evaluators. You know, all the adrenaline pumping, crowd roaring, action packed stuff that you just can’t seem to get enough of! Ok, slight exaggeration.

Part 1-covers the necessary work, the planning phase!

Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of the work that I do for program evaluations, isn’t necessarily DOING anything actively, with other human beings.

I’ll let the resources explain this a little better…

Alice Willard’s AEA Coffee Break Webinar Intro: Evaluation Jitters Part 1: Planning For An Evaluation and even Tom Chapel’s Evaluation 101. These 2 presentations alone are full of tons of information related to what you do before administering one survey.

Although I love the work, it’s mind boggling to me, how so much of the work we do is related to planning for evaluation activities to take place. For me, after the evaluation activities take place=more one on one time with my PC to get data entered, cleaned and scrubbed, analyzed, and reported. After the reporting of the data, the recommendations for further evaluation activities come ‘a calling. Whew!

So, how is it that evaluators manage to do so much in “isolation” (for lack of a better term)?

Other professions that may not be feeling the love  in CNBC’s Jobs For Loners:

1. Librarian

2. Zoologist

3. Auditor

4. Statistician

5. Biochemist

6. Geological Engineer

7. Software Developer

8. Mathematician

9. Astronomer

10. Actuary

I make efforts to have lunch dates, to attend program activities, and to even sit in on some trainings for that social outlet. What about you? Any tips or ideas for being more active or social in a profession that doesn’t always need as many “team players”?


What are your thoughts?

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