EVALQuery {Are We Immune To Praise?}

Hello there!

Back from the trenches, in case your interested in learning about all the fun I’ve been having lately, I wrote about it my previous post.

Today’s post is indeed a random post, but a valuable one I believe.

After working with a seasoned evaluator on yesterday they stated, “You’re indispensible!”.

At first I didn’t understand what they said, honestly, but the person said it again and I smiled, you know, one of those GENUINE smiles.

I’m not sure if it’s a millennial thing or not, but hearing “thank you”(which goes a long way) and “you’re great” among many other common words and phrases that affirm the work that we do…they just kind of roll off my back.

The Think Splendid blog notes: This is not about pandering. Millennials have laser-focused BS detectors. Your praise and positive feedback has to be genuine and well-intentioned (if you can’t think of anything nice to say to your millennial employees or colleagues, you might want to reevaluate if you have the right ones working for or with you). It also needs to happen on a regular basis, but it will not work if it comes across as merely an item to check off on your to-do list.

Full post: Why Millennials Need So Much Praise and Feedback

If you remember, I noted in another post series, the words of gratitude that I received during a very trying week and it definitely motivated me to be a evaluation trust agent and to push on with “fighting the good fight” for love, peace, and evaluation! These were all “well intentioned” comments and gestures from my point of view, which made them even sweeter.

I think the work that we do as evaluators is invaluable and I was just wondering if you’ve received any praise or words of encouragement from clients or colleagues about the work that you’ve done recently.

If not, can you think of a time when someone’s affirming words related to your evaluation work just seemed to brighten up your day, and put a little pep in your step? You know, made you feel like SUPER EVALUATOR? 🙂

I sure hope so, and please share!

We’re so awesome! (and I’m not just saying that!)


2 thoughts on “EVALQuery {Are We Immune To Praise?}

    • Oh, good data, not to be confused with any old data that can be scraped up! 🙂
      Maria, that makes me think of people, eager to hang up shingles when the foundation of their house is just in shambles. Works people, works! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing!


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