In the Trenches…

I’m writing you from the barracks of boxes, packing tape, bags, and plastic crates…

Maybe you’ve noticed the lack thereof posts in the past couple weeks,  but I am in the process of moving, which joins the ranks of divorce and family death stress so I’ve read on a few random sites.

If you want to experience a little of the fun I’ve been having there are a few pics below! I’ll be back to my semi-regular posting schedule in a week or so! The good new is the internet should be in my new place before my furniture…

First set of boxes…stolen!











Against all mover laws, more stuff!!! *_*











DIY Project…Spackle + Paint=Fun!


2 thoughts on “In the Trenches…

  1. Glad to see you are back blogging. It was nice to meet you. Thanks for following blackinlatinamerica. Boxes……stolen??? Sorry to read that. take care

    • Thanks, nice meeting you as well. Yes, first batch of boxes were stolen from my car! I’m sure there will be more adventures to come…I hope your new voyage is going well. I can’t wait to go on my own, looking forward to your posts!

      As a fellow evaluator, I would love to hear your interesting perspective via a guest post on your journey through evaluation 🙂

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