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Purposefully Random Reads: The One and The Many {Virtual Book Club}

You asked for it! The Purposefully Random Reads Virtual Book Club is Kicking Off today! I’m excited!

This month’s book:

Many Books-The One and the Many by Milton Lesser

This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at

Check out my quick video: 

How to access:

Just click on the down arrow next to the “Download” area in the orange box and download the book in the format that works best for you. It is available on Ipad, Kindle, PDF format and many more options are available, even audio.

Tips from my previous post on some logistics:

So, How’s This Going To Work?!

1. Enter your comments

2. Click the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” 

3. Subscribe to receive updates and new posts on my home page (there should be 1 bookclub update post/week)

Starting July 2

Week 1-Read the short book, video, poem, etc. and Free Write!!! (comment on the posts and keep the party going, no major prompts)

Week 2-Pose Questions (group led and I will add a couple)

Week 3-Practice Implications

Week 4-Suggestions

Awesome resource for free books:

I’m looking forward to the discussion!

This week is for free writing, no prompts. Ok, maybe just one: Does this short story apply to you, your practice, or the practice of “others”?

Please share the blog link with friends and colleagues!


2 thoughts on “Purposefully Random Reads: The One and The Many {Virtual Book Club}

  1. Thanks, Karen, for the quick read…although the twist at the end is an instant re-frame, the metaphor of the story captures the divide in the world today..

    • Molly, I thought it was a cute little story. Jak and Nari fall in love and he takes her back to his homeland where they are to be wed, despite their differences. I tend to skim so I totally missed Jak’s comment about the ways of the Onists shortly after his capture during my first read.

      This part stood out to me a little, from the night of Jak’s capture:
      “I dreamed a stupid dream about the Onist beliefs, the beliefs of an unimaginative people who could picture one Maker and one Maker only. I must have chuckled in my sleep.”

      Even after being kidnapped he still had this “superior” complex. Jak also had a typical ____ ego…The story in general made me think about how there is so much that can be learned from people who we think are “different”, I know that sometimes I work with a new client I have this “oh, I know all about them” attitude(I’ve read all the research on the population right? What else is there to know?), which always, well normally turns out to be the complete opposite and it serves as a humbling experience for me. I have to remember to tell myself to turn that off!

      I love evaluation work because it teaches me so much about myself through my work with colleagues, coworkers, and clients, especially the clients! 🙂

      When re-reading the piece today I noticed that Jak soon discovered that the women were the same…well, very similar, and interestingly enough I had a conversation with someone today who noted that the person they marry doesn’t have to believe in the same thing that he does but she must believe in something…I know people may have their preferences, when it comes to religion which is fine, but that comment made me have a deeper level of respect for that person for some reason…

      Short read with life lessons and evaluation lessons for me!

      Thanks for your participation, even though it’s sorta quiet on here at the moment! This is truly a pilot with the short stories being so….SHORT, I will do my own evaluation at the end of the week!


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