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AEA Thought Leaders Discussion {Quickie}

Have you heard?

The AEA Thought Leaders discussion almost has a “book club” feel for this round using Missing the Fruit for the Ladder an ebook developed by Matt Keene, an evaluator at the US Environmental Protection Agency with the illustrations being developed by Chris Metzner, graphics extraordinaire and evaluator at the Environmental Evaluators Network (he’s pretty keen on data visualization and graphic design).

A great equation data viz +eval =awesomeness!

Check out Chris Lysy’s post on Fresh Spectrum to see his illustration of the missing final page!

*members only*

Sorry…but if you are an AEA Member interested in engaging in dialogue with other members of the Association from across the country and around the world you should really check this out!

Subscribing to the emails will keep you in the loop, and if you can keep up it can be very enriching to watch the conversation unfold

AEA members…What are your thoughts on the Thought Leaders discussions? Do you participate?

I definitely got some ideas for the virtual book club by browsing the discussion thus far!


7 thoughts on “AEA Thought Leaders Discussion {Quickie}

    • No worries Chris, I’ve failed in the how-do-I-read-the-dozens-of-discussion-board-threads–and-replies-on-top-of-replies-thing, aka. this discussion board technology doesn’t make any sense for me, facebook generation or not…

      • I 100% agree Ann. That there is more discussion about the week outside the discussion board via twitter, blog, verbal and email is perhaps some evidence (ignoring that my posts are about 400 words too long) to make a case to figure something else out if we think the TLs genre of discussion is worth continuing.

        Karen, rad post! Many thanks. I probably should read some of those books huh? Kidding I think. Where’s the list? I’ll be anxious to see it being I didn’t think about reading or citing anything for TLs this week…oh no, I’m such a product of the system!

      • Matt, I’m something like a perfectionist so the list is ‘in development’..if you browse my blog posts you won’t see much about methods and theories, there’s some practical application components but they’re mainly for encouraging thought and providing inspiration.

        Saying all that to say that the book list was initially going to be geared towards the very thing I set out for my blog not to focus in on which had me somewhat conflicted.

        I’d much rather read children’s books 🙂 and other not so discipline focused material to help with getting at WHY evaluators do the work that they do…what are the benefits…who is benefiting?

        Maybe this is my social worker side coming out!

        I wish Eva the Evaluator was available in *free* ebook form, that would make a great first book for review! I saw online versions of ‘The Giving Tree’ (inspired by the TL discussion) not the real deal, but would serve the purpose.

        I’ll keep readers posted! Feel free to provide suggestions.


  1. Sorry Matt… I keep logging-on to the Thought Leaders discussion every day because I do want to contribute to the discussion. The format just doesn’t seem to work for my brain. I think it’s because the responses are reverse-chronological order? Or, because I’d probably need to read all the posts and then take a day or two to digest the flow of the conversation before adding something worthwhile to the discussion?

    I’m going to have another cup of coffee (or perhaps a beer?) and try again! Si se puede!

    • Ann, I read through an entire discussion.. fueled by insomnia…it takes some true dedication to keep up, but I was delighted to see the latest post, very refreshing topic…that I can’t keep up with! *sigh* once the week is over maybe I can catch up…when it’s a topic you latch onto somehow you make/find time, even if it is the wee hours of the night! Buenes Suerte!

      *hope I got that right…intro Spanish…

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