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Music Monday: Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough {Evaluation} & A Communication Lesson From The King Of Pop

While listening to the chorus of today’s Monday Music inspiration, I found myself getting stumped around the chorus line.

I’ve seen “Keep On With The Force Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” in many lyric outlines, and I noticed that there were some people challenging what was really being said by the King of Pop. I’m leaning towards just taking out the first “stop”. I’ve also read:

Keep on when the fun starts…

Keep on and then shout…

Keep on, with your heart don’t stop…

Keep up when the force stops…

Keep on with your bad self…

Give it a shot! What do you hear?

Via AZLyrics 

After a few rounds I gave up, but this experience reminded me of how important it is to consider various methods of communication in the work that we do as evaluators. Have you ever been working with a client/stakeholder and your method of communication just wasn’t working for them?

A few examples: “I’m more of a visual person”,  “I need more concrete steps, this is too abstract”, “This is too much detail, I need something simple”, “I like to be hands on”, “I do better in person with meetings”, the list goes on. It’s important to find out what works.

In short: (effective) communication is key!

*plays MJ again…”Keep on_____________, Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough!”

Following a blogging hiatus (roughly 2 weeks, yikes!) I wrote Evaluators, Where Is The Love? which speaks to the evolution of one’s evaluation practice. Check out the comments and feel free to add to the discussion.

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