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Live Blogging EPIC Failure and Lessons Learned

When I wrote one of my latest posts I had great intentions, I set out on a mission to live blog from the AEA/CDC Summer Institute like Ron Landers, from Neo Academic did at the latest SIOP Conference. Little did I know that it would be virtually impossible unless you were solely at the Institute for learning purposes.
A few things I did not anticipate or consider…

  • Staff  member attendee status, when assisting with operations…tweeting is almost the last thing on your mind! Around Day 2 for me…Day 1 for Institute Professional Development attendees, I pretty much gave up on the tweets being of much substance.

  • New Android phone, just switched over from the Blackberry and I have not been able to ‘get with it’ in regards to becoming a typing ninja on my new gadget…practice makes perfect, but the learning curve was not quick enough! A spare battery would have come in handy also… *_*

  • Although it is not necessary, but yet I’d highly recommended that you’re a morning person, the opening plenary speakers start bright and early at 8:15am, and one snooze may be the difference between making a session or not making a session

  • Read session prerequisites and heed their warnings! I attended one session, that will remain nameless, which was great, but way beyond my skill level in that content area…I wasn’t sure if I should tweet or try to Google my way through the session for translation purposes
  • The rooms were intimately sized for some sessions, which I liked, but I felt I would look either A…bored out of my mind, or B…like there was something way more awesome going on in the Twitter world than in my session so I decided to keep the phone at a distance during those

In general, I heard rave reviews from the Institute Attendees regarding the sessions they attended. The session format and presenters were well received and the practical applications that could be taken back and applied to one’s practice was noted with almost everyone that I came across.

In the mean time, I will need to work on my strategy, possibly taking a team approach, if live blogging is something that I will ever consider doing again!

If you’re feeling lucky!

Check out these live blogging tips from Top Rank Online Marketing Blog.

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2 thoughts on “Live Blogging EPIC Failure and Lessons Learned

  1. Hi Karen,

    I know the feeling! I tried to tweet and blog during the Eastern Evaluation Research Society conference in April, but since I work part-time for them, those were the last things on my mind.

    I did, however, takes plenty of notes about interesting ideas I might want to blog about in the future, so when I’m in the mood to blog, I can always return to that list.

    Please do share ideas from the conference, even a few months from now. I’d love to hear them.


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