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Publish Your Resume {Microsoft Publisher}

Is your resume a little boring? Got a little dust on it? Guess what? With a little time and effort Microsoft Publisher can help you knock those cobwebs off!

This post is about dressing up your resume, not solely to make it pretty, but to keep someone’s eyes on it for longer than a few seconds! I went to see the movie Redtails, based on the Tuskegee Airmen, additional info-previous post Where Does Your Passion for Evaluation Lie? the day before the creation of this document.

The movie was a major inspiration for the formatting, as you will see, with the use of the word “mission” being scattered throughout. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with your resume, and mainly your cover letter, the first contact a future employer may have with you.

Karen Anderson Internship Resume

*NOTE: The resume and the links have not been updated in months, there are a few errors, and a lot had changed since then, so this is for FORMAT only.

I cannot say that the following tips will get your your next dream job, but it should make your resume stand out among the crowd:

1. View the company’s website for not only content but COLORS, use them in your resume border(s)

2. Match the “tone” of the resume content with the tone of the organization and the specific position (i.e. don’t just copy and paste the position into your cover letter that hasn’t been changed in years

3. Think about creative ways to catch the reader’s eye with your cover letter (i,e, use a few bullets vs. a lengthy paragraph to highlight your key strengths). I gathered this idea from the MTV show Hired

4. Spell check (I needed to take my own advice on this one!)…spell check again!

5. Go fishing! Test it out by sending a few out as bait for positions you’re not that interested in (see what catches a bite!)

6. Ask a friend, family member, or colleague for feedback

7. Include a few links to your professional websites, blogs, conference presentations, research, articles, etc.

8. PDF it!

The steps above do take a little time, but are well worth it! For some positions that scan for key words, it is important to keep fonts at a “reasonable” size. For additional resume tips for employers using applicant tracking systems check out this article from Mashable, the largest independent online news site  covering digital culture, social media and technology.

Helpful? What are you doing to make your resume stand out among the crowd?

What are your thoughts?

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