What’s in Your Reader?

Got lots of great reading goodies tucked away in your Google Reader? Do you use another platform to store away the goods? Please share! Sharing is caring. Today’s post includes a few items from my reader for evaluators and our allies 🙂 to enjoy!

Data Visualization

In the video below Hans Rosling Shows the Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen on TEDTalks. If you’re interested in data visualization you should definitely check this one out.


I came across this very insightful post on Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog.

Six Different Kinds of Nonprofit Blogs

What type of blog do you have? I think I have a hodge podge of a few!

Check out her Mixed Links, a compilation of the week’s posts and a few other goodies…I wonder how I can become a pass holder….

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Blogging-Contests and Challenges, Evaluation Consulting

Want to learn more about the world of consulting? What about some personal and professional development tool and tips?

Subscribe to Maria Gajewski’s  Changing River Consulting. She’s on a blogathon, so there’s plenty of fresh content flowing!

One favorite posts this week: If I Started Blogging Today…

Social Work

Enjoy traditional topics, using technology in your work, and learning from someone else who has awesome insights? His work can apply to many different professions. Check out Social Work Tech Blog.

Howard Stern and Social Work has some interesting parallels between the two professions.

So, lots of blogging and data reading for me this week. What’s in your reader?


What are your thoughts?

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