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Monday Music: Having A Party

I’m an evaluator, but I’m also many other things, especially a music lover. I’m pretty sure I was in some type of local music group around age 3 since my mom played the piano, check out my The Value of a Mom post to see a few of the traits and “talents” that I’ve picked up.

Whenever I hear Luther Vandross’ “Having a Party” it just brightens my day! It may be Monday, but it doesn’t mean it has to be mundane. Pop in those earbuds or close your office door and jam for a minute!

Some  lyrics to get you started:

Roll back the rug everybody
Move all the tables and chairs
We’re gonna have us a good time tonight
Everytime that we meet
We skip and we dip to the beat, Yeah Yeah
What in the world could be better
Than getting together

The last time we had a party
It ended when the sun came up
That’s why your mama told you
That you couldn’t go out
Stay in the house

Bad boy
He’s gonna sneak out tonight
He’s gonna tip by her window
‘Cause he sure wants to get out and dance
Everyone’s here, let ’em all in
The chandelier downstairs has fallen
I know it’s hard to resist
This is the party no one wanted to miss
But if you don’t get home on the double, boy
You’re going to be in trouble
I hope your mama don’t look in your room
‘Cause if she does she’ll be here soon

Hook(absolute favorite part):

Everybody’s swingin’
Dancin’ to the music
On the radio
Having a party
Everybody’s swingin’
Dancin’ to the music
On the radio
You can’t go

Note: I’m always looking for guest bloggers to add to the party, as I so eloquently put it in my guest blog section.

Feel free to share with someone to brighten up their day 🙂

Happy Monday!


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