You Know You’re a Qualitative Researcher If…

The pictures below say it all. Not only is there a cute spring bag in these photos, but in the pocket you’ll see my handy dandy digital voice recorder that I rarely leave home without.

It is requested of me that I complete focus groups and interviews with work so it does get used from time to time, and I also like feeling prepared, you never know when you might need to capture some audio data…a lagging convo on speakerphone….or someone who just talks extremely fast and you want to catch up on it later!

Qualitative Data Analysis(QDA) Quickie

*say that fast five times*

Ian Baptiste, the author of the journal article  Qualitative Data Analysis: Common Phases, Strategic Differences from the Forum: Qualitative Social Research outlines the four phases of QDA: defining the analysis, classifying data, making connections between and among categories of data, and conveying the message/write-up.

Baptiste notes. “In this paper I discuss the first three. I have chosen not to discuss the fourth phase (conveying the message) for the following reasons: 1) my students and I are far less confused by what we read concerning this phase than we are about what we read concerning the other three phases; 2) there seems to be less equivocation in the literature concerning this fourth phase; 3) I frankly do not think that I have anything to say (at this time) that might improve our understanding of this phase.”

For me, after *crunching all the words*, something that just comes rather naturally these days, I would still like some great examples for visually displaying my results.  What’s the best way to convey 100 pages of transcript or more? I’ll be checking out Dedoose soon, so maybe some of the data visualization tools will help out a bit.

Here’s an article on using photos in qualitative research Involving, Sharing, Analysing—Potential of the Participatory Photo Interview, essentially photovoice, also from the Forum: Qualitative Social Research I will be posting on the use of photos, video, and arts based participatory methods soon. I received some great tips this week from the Atlanta-area Evaluation Association event Working with Photovoice to Address Health Inequities. Awesome group of evaluators!

Anyone else a die hard qual fan? What tools are you using to capture data?

It’s your turn to give it a try, finish this sentence: You Know You’re a Qualitative Researcher If_______________________!

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4 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Qualitative Researcher If…

    • Hi James, let me guess, you’re not a fan of qualitative research? Great! We definitely need variety in work and life. Where would be be without the numbers? I work with quantitative data for about 95% of my job, but I treasure the moments when I can work with qualitative data. This is probably because that’s where I got my start, learning about qual methods and research. Thanks for posting!

  1. You Know You’re a Qualitative MARKET Researcher If you do not know what a probability sample is or may not even know what a sample is.

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