DIY Evaluation

Put a Tux on Your Data!

In grad school, some of the best advice I received was(paraphrased): “If you can’t get your report or presentation to 100%, the least you could do is put a tux on it!”

Now what does that mean? Well let me see if I can show you…see these slides…falling asleep already, right?

Now what about these?  A little better?

I’m  not a master of data visualization at all, but I enjoy the #dataviz on Flowing Data like this bubble chart on Crime Rates By State and this quick video on automated infographics by seems to be worth a shot for some trial and error. Stephanie Evergreen’s Blog also has some great tips, Evergreen recently shared some interesting #dataviz info on twitter from Stephen Few’s blog Perceptual Edge entitled: Data Art vs. Data Visualization: Why Does a Distinction Matter? this got the wheels turning a bit for me.

I’m content with just trying to make my data visualizations “pretty” for now and visually stimulating. Does that make my work data art? Maybe with a little training I can have “aesthetically beautiful visualization”, as noted in the Few’s article above, like a marriage of the two? There may be some key points missing from both slides above, but I figure you can add in the data collection method, sampling, n, etc. through conversation vs. crowding the slide with all of that information. Any thoughts?

How far along are you on your data visualization journey?


What are your thoughts?

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