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ROI of Building Trust: Are You an Evaluation Trust Agent Wrap Up

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This was a short week as far as posts go, but I wanted to provide some reflections related to my posts on being an evaluation trust agent.

Just in case you missed them:

Are You An Evaluation Trust Agent?

This week…

I received 3 cards, many thank you’s (including 1 “bless you”) and a gift (above). I can only attribute this to my “work ethic” and near inability to do less than my best on any given task(or to go hard doing it wrong), regardless of the budget or lack thereof and my desire to be my authentic self in person/online/via text/etc.

I also received 2 free lunches and I had 4 lunch dates this week at work…I never leave my desk!!! Maybe I should venture away more often!

I truly went above and beyond the call of duty this week, I located a potential mentor for a youth, and offered my time and resources without  expectation of any return and it paid off, in a tangible sense in this case.

On the flip side I met someone who was not eager to give of their time or talents without attaching a price tag and it reminded me of some of the nuggets I received from my posts earlier this week and I just shook my head(internally). I understand the need to make a profit for livelihood sake, but (I digress). I’m also a believer in karma.

Great work week, but soooo glad it’s over.

I believe I’m a trust agent in the making!

Have you ever considered the ROI of building trust in your personal and professional relationships?

*cheers to the weekend*


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