The Value of a Mom

This infographic from Flowtown portrays many of the things moms are “well known” for and attempts to quantify them in a few areas. The following list includes a few of the things I’d add:

Sports Coach

Sideline Cheerleader

Part Time Counselor

Stand Up Comedian

Music Group Manager

If I were truly trying to tackle this mom query with my evaluation cap on, ideally I’d start with a survey, but based on the slim likelihood of my survey capturing her true essence(see list above), a interview would probably be a better choice!  Followed by some triangulation efforts.

On my quest to do away with placing evaluation in a box, there’s no reason why moms have to be an exception to the rule(plus mine doesn’t fit into many of the traditional roles in the graphic above)! A day late, but so important, moms of course should be celebrated every day of the year

A Mother’s Work=priceless($$$)


3 thoughts on “The Value of a Mom

  1. Loving your blog Karen! From the name , On top of the box, to the blog posts! Keep up the good work. One question? How do you get people like me to read blogs more regularly. I’m a busy body so when I finally sit down at the computer for personal time I only have time to do exactly what I need to do (pay bills, work on papers, etc. . . )

    • Good question Frances! I had a similar question related to podcasts. I think I’m low key addicted to blogs these days so it’s not too hard for me to browse a few daily. Google Reader helps out. If you subscribe to a few blogs that you like by clicking on the RSS button (not mine, it’s got issues) you can store them in Google Reader kind of like your “blog favorites” and you can catch up on all the new posts without searching for them individually. I’ll do a post soon on a few blogs that I frequent. AEA has a list of evaluation blogs: http://www.eval.org/Resources/Blogs.asp and http://ec.freshspectrum.com/ is a good place to start.

      You can also follow a blog via email, which means you’ll get an email for every new post, by clicking on a button that leads you to a form for entering your email address or you can enter your email address into the form that’s already has the space laid out, the format is a little different from blog to blog. You should test this feature out on my blog, just to see if you like it! ; )

      For me, early AM before work, if I get a tweet for a new post or a email update on a new post to a blog I follow via email I’ll browse it during the day, or in the afternoons/evenings after work. I think that once you find a few blogs you like you’ll make the time!

      When do I find time for podcasts?
      When I’m completing tasks that don’t require too much “brain power” and concentration like data entry. I need some type of visual stimulation so I find it hard to just listen.

      Short answer: try subscribing via RSS or email to a few blogs and see how that works for you! Let me know how it goes!

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