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Flash Mob Engagement: Will it Work for Evaluation?

I stumbled upon a post on expose.your.museum entitled Mobs Can be a *Good* Thing and after watching the video above I knew just why! Granted, there have been some flops and failures along the way with flash mobs, but in this video the utter shock, excitement, and joy that came across some of the spectators faces was priceless. It took me back to my Positive Psychology class from undergrad and the “flow” exercises we used to discuss.

Flow=engagement strategy used to increase your happiness.

Excerpt from the Positive Psychology reference above:

Seek out ‘flow’ experiences – Through his research, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi sought to understand how people felt when they most enjoyed themselves, and why. He developed the concept of ‘flow’ which describes a state of joy, creativity and total involvement. Problems seem to disappear and there is a feeling of transcendence. ‘Flow’ is the way people describe their state of mind when they are doing something for its own sake. Some activities consistently produced ‘flow’, such as sport, games, art and hobbies.

So what’s the purpose of the flash mob? This article on flash mob history calls it “mobbing for the sake of mobbing”, “random fun”, and “random acts of silliness”.

What does it have to do with me? This is how I want people to feel about the evaluation work that I do with them! I don’t want stakeholders to run the other way when I bring up  logic models and measurement tools, and I certainly don’t want to be put into a box because of the type of work that I do(and enjoy). Evaluation can be fun, it just depends on the evaluator!

NO, I don’t plan on having a dance intro for my upcoming presentations, but it is a nice thought to do something unconventional to get people’s attention…even if it is potentially meaningless, if I’m lucky it may create a little happiness. Engagement is key.

Would you ever consider organizing a flash mob? For the daring: how to plan a flash mob

Participating in one? I still haven’t wrapped my head around this one: pillow fight flash mob


What are your thoughts?

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