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What’s Your Dream Project?

A few weeks ago I posed this question in the AEA Social Work TIG LinkedIn group. I noted that my dream evaluation project would include a few of the following components below:

#1-international travel, location TBD, I’m open (WHERE)

#2-educating different populations on the value of evaluation + capacity building (WHAT)

#3-with community organizers interested in individual/community development, human services groups, and organizations (WHO)

#4-sooner rather than later, within the next few years (WHEN)

#5-build int’l connections with evaluators for insight, guidance, and tips. What and where are the needs? (HOW)

The dream project in my case doesn’t have to last very long, a few days is better than nothing at all!

So, if there were no limits, no boundaries or budget constraints…what would your dream (evaluation) project be?


One thought on “What’s Your Dream Project?

  1. USE. Anything where data gets used. I love applied research, research-to-policy, evaluation, etc. in general. Also, anything related to evaluation capacity building, helping non-evaluators understand data, and helping people make informed decisions.

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