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Book Review: Breaking Bad Evaluation Habits (Part 3)

The Power of Habit Book Review

So how can this book on habits apply to evaluation?

Introduce people to new or different methods in evaluation and how they can benefit from them. I’m a fan of participatory evaluation because it puts the power into other peoples hands to inform decisions and shape programs, it brings people together that may not have otherwise come together as one, and it fosters learning along the way about not only a program/operation, but self reflection comes into play as well.

Give one of these a try…

Run away, I mean, try to show the benefits of the data, not only for funders, but for community members, front line workers, managers, and not just the people on top.

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and make the delivery of the data a little different, have a key stakeholder present it vs you, or tap into your data visualization skills….check out Stephanie Evergreen’s Blog for a few great ideas for evaluators, or hire someone to do it because of cost associated with poor delivery of data reports… browse Evergreen’s post The Cost of Bad Design for more info, you and your stakeholders will be glad you did!

It’s truly a cultural change and it takes time, I’m not trying to simplify the process, but what are your thoughts on the applicability of Duhigg’s CUE, RESPONSE, and REWARD for the field of evaluation? So what do you think?

On Top of the Box, or It Needs to Kick Rocks?


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