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Book Review: Breaking Bad Evaluation Habits (Part 1)

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No, there isn’t really a book with this title, but rather my take on Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit:Why We Do What We Do and How to Change It, based on the book reviews.

I know you’re thinking, ok great, yet another self help book on its way to probably not helping someone, or maybe you’re in to books prescribing how you should live your life and achieve happiness. Regardless of where you fall along the spectrum of thoughts around the title the book seems intriguing to me…

I was playing around with the new Google Play feature recently and I came across the NY Times Best Seller reading list. I must admit, I’m not a fan of reading books, thus my review from the book review (although i plan on purchasing) I’d rather a more digestible format like blogs and journal/online/magazine articles, but I went ahead and chose one book and it was ok, but I also got a list of related books #winning, thus how I stumbled upon Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit:Why We Do What We Do and How to Change It.

My take on Business Week’s The Power of Habit Book Review: Duhigg captures stories of how CEOs running failing businesses and people just wanting to change things in their everyday life use the following to break bad habits:

a Cue

a Response

a Reward

To not only break a “bad habit”, but to change problem behaviors, streamline processes, and to get staff actually talking to each other at work to increase productivity, innovation, and of course profits. So yea, it’s basic, similar to the other books/models/theories/concepts out there, but…

What’s On Top Of the Box

For me it’s the focus on psychology, application in the business world, and the products and processes that are created(for good) mentioned in the book(review) using the CRR method. The book referenced the creator of Pepsodent toothpaste, nice invention, but he couldn’t sell it. He started with a CUE, making people aware that they have film their teeth, doesn’t feel so great. The RESPONSE, you want to buy something to get it off, mmmm what about this stuff called pepsodent. The REWARD, it tingles, makes your mouth feel fresh and gets that film off, life is good.

See my take on how this relates to evaluation in my next post!


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