Evaluation Inspirations

Happy New Year Post! Yay!!!

No resolutions, only roll over goals from my “five year plan” developed in logic model format (Ask me about it! I may do a post on that later, very helpful for the eval-minded). I have become a master planner over the years developing logic models, etc. for programs and asking them to make it happen, but implementation is my arch enemy. I developed logic models for a project at least 6 mos. ago, I’ve edited it 10 times, came up with a new one, and added on additional “plans” just for fun.

A friend of mine told me today “you have to be around the right energy” for these plans to come to life, makes sense. I will be on the lookout for that energy in 2012 so I can finally start this project! Where do you find your “energy”? I’ll put it in my GPS. HNY!


What are your thoughts?

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