Evaluation Inspirations

Is It Possible to Plan Yourself Into Action?

I found myself searching for an answer today…when I did not really understand, know how to frame, or even how to begin to rationalize a question.

*Disclaimer: This next comment is not meant to brag or boast*

I usually have an answer for 95% of the evaluation queries that come my way. I may not have the knowledge or skills to pull off the job, but I know what needs to take place on a basic level. Are my ideas the best? No. Are they always right?  No. (5% window,lol) Are they the most theoretically sound? No. Well…what are they then?! They get the job done. Period.

Back to this QOTD (Question of the Day): I was seeking a solution for a an evaluation problem related to implementation. I do alot of planning in my current evaluation position, however, I was wondering if some of the same concepts used for planning could help with planning…ACTION…and in turn some type of follow up mechanism to track the action progress. I want to note that when I say action I do not mean program outputs necessarily. I am also pertaining to the actions taking place in a process evaluation that lead up to the outputs.

My solution: I Google’d “action plans” and came up with alot of examples. One, school based, from WestEd, another global education action plan from UNC’s Education Department, and even one on a positive thinking site for people wanting to make changes in their individual lives. I am intrigued by the concept of planning delving into action; you can practically plan until your eyes pop out it seems. I was also curious about different types of programs and organizations that use action plans, and their results. So, what do you think: Is an action plan just another document to archive or will it help lead people, programs, and organizations to “move it move it!”

Please, share your thoughts and experiences!!!


What are your thoughts?

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