Evaluation Inspirations

Play Your Horn!!! Play Your Piano Man!!!

An “evaluation great” once told me that you have to tailor your evaluation practice the way John Coltrane and Sam Cooke composed  songs.  I say, never be afraid to branch out and try something new in evaluation(let’s keep it ethical!)…take the time to sit back and listen to the melodies in these songs and think about a few areas you have “been meaning to read up on” or a training you’ve been wanting to attend or even develop…then GO DO IT!!!

 As a devout qual gal…I’ve been meaning to work on my quantitative skills to assist with mixed methods reporting, and after months of reading,  for the past 2 weeks I have been doing some hard core APPLICATION!!! Throughout this process I took the time to reflect back on my quantitative knowledge and application skills, and the state they were in just a few short weeks ago and I vowed to help as many people as I could with interpreting my analysis and reports.

 When you continue to grow and develop, while staying in tune with “the people” and their needs I think that’s when you’re truly a composer of a meaningful practice.

Other interests include:

-Incorporating Music, Video, and Photography

Please, share your comments on areas you would like to develop in and apply to your evaluation practice.

Enjoy via YouTube!

-Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come

-Coltrane’s “Impressions

Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.com


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