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Masters of Survey Design

Fortunately or unfortunately,  I am not a master of survey design. It is a task that I have been charged with carrying out recently…and on a rather consistent basis. I am not sure of the best way to learn survey design outside of a formal training or classroom instruction. I browsed the M & E Blog for suggestions and discovered a few resources, one was from my alma mater, Clemson University. I also stumbled across a Top 10 Survey Pitfalls list from Qualtrics.  My take on a few of the top ten(see if any seem familiar to you):

  1. Go ahead, ask 15 questions in 1 and see where that gets you…no…go ahead, try it out!
  2. I really need to know your most intimate thoughts, secrets, feelings from the jump! There’s no warming up   to this…I need to get to the heart of the matter, and I’d prefer sooner rather than later! Thanks!
  3. So you’d like to pick this answer…AND that answer, no no no, not on my survey…pick only one because I said so…
  4. Regularly, often, occasionally, frequently, every now and then, so so…those are some of the words I’m going to use in my survey and I want you to just guess at what I mean. Sound good?
  5. Big ‘ole words that only I know the meaning of…and some that I just like the sound of and have no idea what they mean…let’s sprinkle a couple in my survey starting with the letter A-algorithms, B-bivariate statistical analysis, C-cqi…M-mixed methods…

You live and you LEARN, but check out the complete top ten list and let me know which survey design “no no”  really “grinds your gears”!!!


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