Evaluation Inspirations

Looking Through Your Evaluation Closet

My last blog post made me think about my first, and only experience working to evaluate a program with …”somewhat internationally” Island Journeys. Before I dove into grad school head first I travelled to Eleuthera, Bahamas to work with a youth outreach program developed by another recent Clemson University graduate and…yours truly! My task was to work with a group of teenagers who would rather be sleeping, to get them boosted into high gear and just as EXCITED about research as I was. Needless to say, I do not think they shared my sentiments before the end of the summer, however, we had fun, they were introduced to researching about their country and environment, and many of them have headed off to the College of the Bahamas or other institutions of higher learning to pursue great things, in their areas of interest, which is what is important.

My evaluation consisted of:

*Developing a video from pictures of the major summer activities. It was a hit on parent night!

*Developing and administering a survey to measure what the youth learned during their experience

I encourage you to look into your evaluation closet…in the back…to see what you can uncover!!!! Let me know if you find anything…


What are your thoughts?

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