Evaluation Inspirations

Th33 International Ev@lu8r Role

After viewing an interesting article from the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists (SIOP) Exchange blog entitled,

Disaster in Haiti: The Role of I-O Psychologists and SIOP

I began to think about the role(s) of evaluators in international evaluation. The article seems to suggest that Industrial/Organizational Psychologists will not be the first on the scene when natural disasters strike because ”  Traditional I-O skill sets are seemingly useless: no one needs tests validated, there is no management structure, there is no one to survey, and there are no classes to teach.” I can agree with this to a certain extent, however, evaluators can do all of the above tasks…but at what step in the process following the disaster does the evaluator step in? Is it the beginning, middle, or end…no really, when is it????!!!! What are the major roles they play, are there more ethnographic techniques being  used?


What are your thoughts?

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